Hi! I'm Makenna (she/her)

Asian-American artist, maker, illustrator, dog-person, carb-lover based in San Francisco, California! 

My art is inspired by beloved fluffy friends, neighborhood walks during allergy season, and backyard environments. The imagery and subjects in my work are an exploration of objects, media, and settings that I find comfort and joy in. From wheaten terriers to ivy growing on a wooden fence, my illustrations and jewelry are a window into warmth, nostalgia, and nurturing. 

The two doggies featured in my logo are my two wheaten terriers: Appa and Momo! Lots of my creations are very much driven by my love for them. When you buy my work, you are supporting my dreams and helping spread the love of my two pups into the world. Thanks for stopping by!



me with my two doggies, Appa (left) and Momo (right) 🐶 🎾 ☁️

me being cute af at my booth!

find me selling my wares in-person at pop-up events around the bay area! most of the time, I'll have a larger selection of handmade goods at these events :) check out my event schedule through the info tab on my site here! 🥰 🧚 🌷 💫 ✌️

another iphone pic of me at my booth selling my wares

just a candid pic 😜